Portfolio Companies

Since its establishment Jolimont Capital has built an impressive portfolio of high-growth companies.

Park Assist
Park Assist is a global leader in vehicle detection technologies focused on the design and development of low powered sensing technologies to improve car parking assets. The Company has deployed its patented technology in over 15,000 parking lots for multinational clients such as Westfield, Lend Lease, Tesco and GIC Real Estate.
Daintree Networks
Daintree Networks is a clean technology company that provides wireless control solutions for commercial buildings. Daintree has a strong background in wireless sensor and control mesh networking, with extensive knowledge and experience gained through its industry-standard design verification and operational support tool, the Sensor Network Analyzer (SNA). Daintree is based in Mountain View, California with R&D in Melbourne, Australia.
Distra is a software company specialising in the delivery of payments and high performance, high availability transaction processing software. Distra’s focus market is payment switch operations around the world. The company is also actively engaged in non-financial, mission critical application requirements.
HumanWare is a global leader in assistive technologies for the vision-impaired. The Company makes a range of blindness, low vision, digital talking books, and GPS (Global Positioning System) products that improve the lives of blind, low vision, and learning disabled people.
Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc. (RIO)
Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc. (RIO) develops and manufactures optical transmitters based on proprietary PLANEX (Planar External Cavity Laser) technology, which enable transceivers and transponders to deliver telecom-grade performance with datacom economics.

Exited Portfolio Companies
NextWindow is an international leader in the development of optical multi-touch technology and the manufacture of optical multi-touch screens, overlays and OEM touch components. As a pioneer of the latest optical technology and design, NextWindow provides the hardware necessary to bring touch applications to life.
Redfern Broadband Networks (RBN)
Redfern Broadband Networks (RBN) designs, develops, manufactures and markets a family of Optical Service Provisioning Platforms (OSPPs). RBN’s OSPPs are deployed by carriers, enterprises and government entities to reduce the cost and complexity of aggregating and transporting the wide variety of services that exist at the edge of optical networks.
Ceramic Fuel Cells
Ceramic Fuel Cells is a world leader in developing solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology to provide reliable, energy efficient, high quality, and low-emission electricity from widely available natural gas and renewable fuels. (Listed on ASX and London Stock Exchange (AIM) code: CFU)
5th Finger
5th Finger is Australia’s leading mobile relationship solutions company focused on helping marketers leverage the potential of mobile devices through mobile marketing tools and smart business strategy.
Fitness2live provides an online service through a website that offers members personalised fitness and nutrition programs.
AMBRI Limited
AMBRI Limited is a technology development Company focused solely on commercializing its patented Ion Channel Switch (ICS) technology as the basis of new biosensor products for medical and industrial applications. (ASX code: ABI).
Founded in 1999, Cogstate is involved in the commercialisation of computerised tests of cognition. (ASX code: CGS).
Xceed Biotechnology Ltd
Xceed Biotechnology Ltd is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialisation of biodegradable polymers. (ASX code: XBL).
Nufern is a leading independent manufacturer of fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers for a diverse range of industries.
Plantic Technologies
Plantic Technologies develops and manufactures biodegradable materials made from renewable resources. Since its formation the Company has established a complete manufacturing facility in Australia and its products are currently used by various multinational food marketers and packagers.
Redfern Optical Components Pty Ltd (ROC)
Redfern Optical Components Pty Ltd (ROC) supplies high performance fiber Bragg grating (FBG) products. The Company recently announced the successful launch of fully qualified Athermal Packages to Telcordia Standards for Dispersion compensation and High Reliabilty FBG products for both Submarine and Terrestrial markets.

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